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What will be the State of Jewish Life and Learning in the year 2040?


Jul. 08, 2014


Last week I had a dream. I dreamed that I was supervising the growth of a large experimental farm run by intellectuals. The seeds had been planted and I was holding meetings but somehow the technical equipment was breaking down. I brushed away some of the soil and discovered that cucumbers were growing successfully underground and on different raised platforms. They were really good even though I hadn’t tasted them. Three 3 year olds passed by and found the cucumbers immediately. The intellectuals took the 3 year olds aside. I went back to marvel at the underground cucumbers.

This dream informed me that there are new children entering earth that already have an existent education or knowing. Their conscious levels are so high that all they need to do is dig down and remember. We cannot measure their high biophysical frequencies because our technology has not caught up with them yet. They are our future now. They are a mystery to us because they cannot communicate in normal ways. We tend to overlook them and they appear to us as immature and disabled but I have a sense that in the trajectory of our evolution as human beings these children are a bridge to our higher consciousness, and the future of our planet.

According to Meg Blackburn Losey in “The Children of Now” there are children being born who are extremely evolved and who have very special gifts. They are called Crystalline Children, Star Kids, Earth Angels and Transitional Children. They all have unlimited awareness and sentience far beyond what we understand to be normal. Most live simultaneously in multiple realities and are easily able to consciously switch from one reality to another. 

In general they were born after 1997. They have eyes of crystal blue or very dark color, are often telepathic and have natural healing abilities. They see other etheric beings. Electronics are affected by their presence. Often diagnosed with ADD, ADHD or Autism, they are very much like the latest supercomputers, multitasking consciously and intentionally and their assimilation is superluminal, faster than the speed of light. It’s natural for them. They are generous, loving, compassionate and very forgiving and need to experience nature on a regular basis as they have a deep understanding of love for other people, plants and animals. They have an inherent need to help people awaken to their highest and best potential. And they can warp time.  

My feeling is that these children are my Jewish teachers of now AND 2040. Do they know Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Sarah, Rifka Rachel and Leah because they live in their reality? Do they speak Hebrew as they speak many other languages? And how do they experience God? My understanding is that their experience is multi sensory, multi layered and includes light, sound, purity and bliss. Can they teach us how to pray from a state of pure love? How do we learn from them the truth of Echad in the Shema prayer?

My task is to deeply listen to what they have to communicate from their experience of Source and facilitate their expression of it in this clunky 3rd dimension into which they were born respecting that they bring important messages to us. Their giftedness brings enlightenment and their wisdom offers reminders of worlds we have forgotten. They are our future now. They found the cucumbers. 

Elizabeth Yaari
Author- Visions of Jewish Life and Learning in 2040



Elizabeth Yaari is co-founder of Explora-Torah with Dr. Peter Pitzele. She is an artist and uses her intuitive knowledge of experiential learning to inspire workshop participants ages 2-96 to explore their own, sometimes undiscovered creativity. Yaari has created workshops for The Jewish Education Project, The Academy of Jewish Religion, Isabella... Read More About Elizabeth Yaari +

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